Electric fence for animals: how to build it in a fast, safe and efficient way

The electric fence is a tool used more and more often over the years thanks to its versatility.

In fact, the electric fence can be built both for the protection of your garden to keep wild animals out of it or for the custody of your own animals.

The problem of the invasion of wild animals inside a garden is now a very common problem; In fact, the destruction of crops, both of small gardens and of crops of large farms, due to the invasion of wild boars is on the agenda.

Other wild animals besides wild boars, famous for causing damage to agriculture, are certainly foxes, porcupines or roe deer. It is a plague that is causing considerable damage to an entire economy, which is the agricultural one and which is decisive in the balance of our country.

There are those who might think they can solve this problem by building the classic fences with plastic nets, but animals such as wild boars are certainly not stopped by these tricks as they can dig or puncture the net itself. You can only defend yourself from these animals by creating an electric fence. The same thing applies if you want to keep farm animals such as cows, horses, ponies, sheep, hens or pigs within a delimited area.

Both actions, therefore, protection of an area from intrusion or custody of an area from the exit, can be implemented with the construction of an electric fence.

The materials to build a correct electric fence are different but we can certainly say that some can be defined as "necessary".

Among the materials needed to build an electric fence for the protection of your garden or for the custody of your animals we have the energiser, which has the task of powering the fence itself, the conductor wire with which the electric fence is created and the insulators, which have the task of isolating the electric flow from the poles that will be used to make the electric fence.

In addition to the materials mentioned above, there are others, however very important, which have different functions. One of these is the kit for insulated passages with electrified spring and insulated handle, or the crossing cable in case you need to make an underground passage and others.

Gemi Elettronica is able to provide all the materials useful to create a correct and above all functioning electric fence (as shown by the video review of one of our customers).
The energizers for electric fences are available in both 220V current models and the dual power model (220V current or 12V battery).

The choice of wire instead changes according to the reason for which the fence is made: if the fence is built to defend against wild boars, the ideal is the 6 mm² section, if instead an electric fence is to be created to preserve farm animals you can choose 2.2 mm² or 4 mm².

For the insulators, on the other hand, both those with screws for wooden poles and those for iron poles are available, both with unique characteristics in the world.

Gemi Elettronica has a long history behind it in the world of electric fences, its products are certified according to the law and clearly made in Italy.

Gemi Elettronica is the best solution to build an electric fence for the protection of the garden or for the custody of your animals!