Smoke problems with the chimney: what are the causes of this problem?

Let's find out how to solve the smoke problem with the chimney in a safe and simple way without making structural changes to the chimney ...

The main causes that affect the correct functioning of a fireplace are many, we mention the most common:

flue not dimensioned correctly;
cold non-insulated flue;
chimney with bends;
lack of air inside the premises;
badly made chimney;
These are just some of the problems that affect the correct functioning of the chimney, to these are added many other minor ones that together make it difficult to solve the problem of chimney smoke, for example:

the thermal depression, deriving from the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the chimney;
the dynamic depression with which the wind acts directly on the chimney causing, in fact, the malfunction of the draft system;
To all these problems are added problems of positioning the chimney in the coldest area of ​​the building, or even the flue that passes outside the building ...

The safe solution that allows you to definitively solve the problem of smoke from the chimney, stove, barbecue, fireplace stove, oven, is the installation of an electric chimney extractor that guarantees a constant draft of the fumes without dispersing heat.

Contrary to what you hear from people not familiar with the sector, paradoxically, a traditional fireplace can in some moments also have an excess of draft which means heat dispersion.

Thanks to the installation of the Gemi chimney extractor, the draft is controlled and the problem of smoke from the chimney is eliminated: we will no longer have sudden draft drops and not even an excess of suction as thanks to the control unit supplied, which allows through a selector to find the optimal speed, you get a constant draft without losing heat.

Furthermore, thanks to the installation of the Gemi chimney fan, we will no longer have noise problems.
In fact, from a study conducted by the Gemi research center, a fireplace that works 8 months a year without an aspirator that controls the aspiration, disperses 30 percent more energy than a fireplace with a forced electric aspirator as the draft is controlled. constantly without ups and downs.

The Gemi extractor fan is the most powerful on the market, reaching up to 3800 m / cubic hour, this allows to solve the problem of chimney smoke at the lowest speeds, eliminating the noise and obtaining excellent aspiration already at the first speed.
The Gemi extractor is the only one that has a patented motor in class H with protection of the insulation of the motor winding in ceramic fiber, this allows the motor to be protected even in the event of a fire in the flue.

The Gemi chimney fan is one of a kind. Over the years, many companies have tried to copy the engine protection system with wicked systems such as inserting fiberglass around the engine, making the situation even worse. This, in fact, does not allow the engine to cool down properly and strongly affects its operation at high temperatures.

The Gemi extractor solves all the problems related to bad chimney draft, neutralizing all possible problems.

Installing a Gemi extractor allows you to rediscover the pleasure of using a fireplace without smoke problems.

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