Does your fireplace smoke? The Gemi chimney fan is the definitive solution to smoking in the home

The Gemi chimney fan allows the complete removal of smoke in the house.
From the video, our customer shows how the Gemi chimney fan manages to quietly pull the smoke, completely eliminating its presence in the house and therefore also the unpleasant adours caused by it.
Our customer is fully satisfied and the reason is clear from the video: there is no more smoke in the house.

We can see the presence of the speed regulator of the chimney puller, which allows you to choose the suction force you want most.
The regulator consists of a 6-speed selector, an on / off switch and a protection fuse placed in the center. The regulator speeds can be set from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6; the customer shows how the Gemi chimney fan performs its task perfectly even at speed 1.

The noise is practically nil at the first speeds and it is very quiet even at higher speeds. With a simple hole in the wall, it is able to pass onto the balcony and connect the regulator to the Gemi chimney fan located on the terrace. The assembly is very easy to carry out, it can also be done do-it-yourself.

There are also video tutorials available on youtube in reference to the assembly

And if you are worried that it will also suck in the heat from the fireplace, don't worry; the Gemi chimney fan has been designed to aspirate only the smoke, reproducing in all respects the natural draft of the flue.

The Gemi Copper chimney fan is shown on the terrace. Characterized by a motor cover cap, in AISI 304 stainless steel; the motor cover is in sheet metal, painted with epoxy powder in a dark copper color with a hammered effect which guarantees resistance over time from atmospheric agents.
It is no coincidence that the guarantee provided for the Gemi professional copper chimney fan is 15 years.
We see the fan (always at speed 1) that runs perfectly and that allows you to totally solve the problem of smoking in the house. Fan also created in AISI 304 stainless steel, unique of its kind. The engine of the Gemi chimney fan class h withstands 700 ° C, so even in the event of a flue fire the Gemi chimney fan does not catch fire. There is the presence of the protection grid, which like the fan is resistant to high temperatures. The entire external structure in AISI 304 stainless steel is plated with real copper and therefore allows in addition to resistance to high temperatures also resistance to salt. At the base instead we see, again in copper, the adjustable brackets from a minimum of 20x20 to a maximum of 43x43 useful for positioning the Gemi chimney fan on flue pipes with square or rectangular outlet (in the case of a round flue, if you provide us with the measurement of the diameter we can give the round adapter that will allow you to mount the Gemi chimney fan). We note the condenser box which in the Gemi professional Copper chimney fan is placed externally and from which to make the electrical connection that leads to the speed regulator.

The result is the full satisfaction of our customer.

A result that can only be achieved thanks to the Gemi chimney fan, a certified product that lasts over the years.

Only with the Gemi chimney fan can you eliminate the problem of smoke in the house and finally enjoy your fireplace.

Gemi Elettronica with its products and its staff has the main objective of solving the problem of smoking in the home.