Does your fireplace stove smoke? The electric smoke extractor is the solution

The Gemi electric chimney fan, as you can see from this video, allows the total removal of the smoke that comes out of the chimney in the house.
Our customer shows how it was not possible, before buying our electric smoke extractor, to keep the door of his fireplace stove open.
Thus making the fireplace practically unusable.

The result obtained, following the assembly of our electric smoke extractor, as you can see, was extraordinary. Smoking problem is completely solved.
The Gemi electric smoke extractor consists of a speed regulator, with which you can enter the power you want most.
Regulator characterized by a protection fuse, on / off button and knob to adjust the speed from 1 to 6. We can see how the electric smoke extractor works perfectly even at third speed, with noise emissions and virtually zero electricity consumption.

You can do the embers, you can do the spit; without this creating smoke problems inside the apartment. When cleaning the chimney ash, it avoids its dispersion in the environment.

Putting the smoke extractor at speed 6 also allows, in addition to clearly a greater draft, a self-cleaning of the soot.
In the past, however, it was necessary to clean the flue to be carriyng out several times during a single year. In fact, it helps to improve the cleaning of the flu by 70%. Precisely for this reason it does not require maintenance over the years.

When switched off, our chimney fan obviously does not hinder the natural escape of smoke.
In fact, when the smoke extractor is off, the smoke comes out regularly. As in this case, in fact, being a fireplace stove, with the door closed you can easily turn off the electric smoke extractor without affecting the natural functioning of the entire process. Thus allowing to have as much heat as possible useful for heating the radiators.
Assembly is very easy to carry out; both as regards the electrical connection of the regulator and for the positioning of the electric smoke extractor itself on the flue.
A little manual skill is enough to proceed with the assembly even autonomously, the presence of an expert is not necessary.

In this sense, there are also video tutorials on youtube useful for assembly, translated into over 30 different languages.

You can use our electric smoke extractor for any chimney fan; either with a square or rectangular outlet (we will supply the adjustable brackets) and, as in this case, with a round outlet (we will give the adapter based on the diameter you provide).
The engine is entirely produced by us; It does not contain plastic parts and in the professional model in question the starting capacitor is housed in a small box away from the heat sources, so the professional extractor does not melt the condenser even in the event of a prolonged fire. Withstands a temperature of 700 ° C.

The exterior is entirely painted at a high temperature both for an aesthetic reason and for a longer duration over the years; on this model, in fact, or the professional, there is a 15-year guarantee.

After three years, the electric smoke extractor is completely intact; with a total absence of rust, which allows a long life of the product over the years.

Some customers send us testimonials of Gemi electric smoke extractors still working after 30 years.

Only with the Gemi electric smoke extractor can you finally enjoy your fireplace.

Gemi Elettronica is the solution for removing smoke from the chimney at home. Buy at factory price directly from our website.