Barbecue: how to solve the problem of excess smoke within the environment

One of the most common problems of a barbecue, be it private or an activity such as a grill, is certainly the constant presence of excess smoke within the environment in which it is located.
If you have a business or a barbecue that you use with your friends, you will certainly have had to try and fight the smoke from the fireplace many times.

The smoke generated by a barbecue can in fact be very difficult to limit for several reasons: both because the fumes generated by food products, such as meat, which are cooked on a barbecue are much more full-bodied than those of a common fireplace. house with wood combustion and both because in most cases you are forced to position the cooking grates in the front part of the barbecue mouth.

This situation makes it impossible to draw the barbecue itself, as the smoke generated by the barbecue tends to rise towards the outside of the chimney and not along the flu. It may be thought that as a solution to the problem of barbecue smoke, it is possible to use that of moving the cooking grill further inwards but this would not be a sufficient solution, and moreover not convenient from the point of view of cooking the food itself. .

In fact, as you can see from the video review, the barbecue grill is placed at the front and thanks to the use of the chimney fan, the smoke rises perfectly along the flue. This would not have been possible without an electric smoke extractor.

The video review grill solved the smoke problem of its barbecue only thanks to the electric smoke extractor from Gemi Elettronica.

If, once you have purchased the Gemi smoke extractor, you are worried that the smoke extractor cannot be used for a very long period of time, do not worry because the smoke extractor has no time limit in use; in fact, it can be active for many hours even without interruptions, without affecting its lifespan.

The braceria of the video review, to solve the problem of barbecue smoke, has chosen a professional model smoke extractor, which has as its main characteristics a suction power that reaches up to 3800 cubic meters / hour and a resistance to high temperatures of 700 degrees.

The index of resistance to high temperatures is very important for a barbecue as in most cases the flue of the same hardly exceeds 3-4 meters. And for flues of less than 3-4 meters, a resistance to high temperatures of 700 degrees can be a factor of first importance.
Another unique feature of the Gemi electric chimney fan is the fact that it is equipped with a 6-speed regulator.
With this tool, in fact, it is the customer who decides how much power to give to the electric smoke extractor, also based on the amount of smoke generated by the barbecue.

It is certainly quite another thing to go out of a steakhouse or a barbecue with friends and not feel an unpleasant smell of smoke on your clothes, generated by a barbecue that generates a lot of smoke.

The most effective solution to eliminate excess smoke within an environment is to install the Gemi electric electric smoke extractor, which allows excellent draft in the flue.

The video review shows the smoke extractor for barbecue with round base, Gemi Elettronica is in fact able to provide any round measure by communicating only the external diameter of the flue outlet; but at the same time it can also be installed on any square or rectangular flue, thanks to the use of the kit of adjustable brackets.

The Gemi Elettronica electric smoke extractor for fireplaces is the only product capable of solving the problem of smoke generated by a barbecue, which can be purchased directly from here.