Difference between the basic and professional model chimney fan

A problem common to most fireplaces, stoves or barbecues is certainly the difficulty of drawing smoke along with the flu.

The reasons for this problem are many, difficult to predict when building a house, and even more difficult to solve if you think that direct interventions on the chimney or on the flue itself are sufficient.

The only product, sure to solve the problem of chimney smoke and at the same time simple to use and economical, is the electric smoke extractor for fireplaces.

An electric smoke extractor is equipped with a forced motor which completely eliminates the problem of a bad draft in the chimney, totally counteracting the causes, whatever they may be.

Gemi Elettronica is able to supply different models of electric smoke extractor, each with different and unique characteristics in the world.

The models you can choose from are: basic model smoke extractor, professional model electric smoke extractor and professional model smoke extractor in copper.
Chimney fan basic model
It has a suction power of 2500 cubic meters per hour and a resistance to a temperature of 300 degrees.

Instead it has a suction power of 3800 cubic meters per hour and a resistance to a temperature of 700 degrees. With a resistance to high temperatures that reaches up to 700 degrees, it is also easy to understand the fact that this chimney fan is therefore able to resist even a fire in the flue.
Electric smoke extractor professional model copper

which, like the professional described above, also has a suction power of 3800 cubic meters per hour and a resistance to a temperature of 700 degrees, but is made of stainless steel and has a real copper plating.
The real copper plating and stainless steel allow, in addition to greater resistance over time, also a resistance to salt and therefore makes this product unique in the world not only from an aesthetic point of view but also ideal for sea areas.

The motor of both smoke extractors for the professional model, both the dark brown and the copper one, is in class H and resistant to high temperatures, does not contain plastic parts and the condenser is housed in an external box and therefore far from sources heat.
Therefore, all these characteristics do not allow the professional smoke extractor motors to melt even in the event of a flue fire.

All Gemi Elettronica smoke extractors are equipped with a 6-speed regulator, from which the chimney fan is switched on / off and the suction power is adjusted.
They are equipped with an engine cover (which is in sheet metal and painted in dark brown color for the first 2 models indicated, while it is in stainless steel and copper painted for the third smoke extractor described).
The Gemi Elettronica smoke extractors have a protective grille around the fan, made of electro-welded steel rings which also have the function of being anti-volatile.

For all the models described there is the possibility to choose between a square base (the electric smoke extractor is equipped with adjustable brackets) and a round base (a round adapter will in fact be provided based on the external diameter of the flu).

Gemi Elettronica with its electric smoke extractor can solve everyone's chimney smoke problem, whatever the cause.
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