Do you have a smoke problem in your pizzeria? Here you have consequences and solutions

One of the greatest culinary passions in Italy and in the world is certainly Pizza.
In addition to being a tradition of Italian origins, pizza and an evening in a pizzeria are also a moment of aggregation and sociality that is not indifferent for those who want to spend an evening in the company of friends and relatives.

Who has never gone to a pizzeria with friends to cheer on their favorite team? Or on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or simply to spend a different evening with your family?
On these occasions, however, it will have happened to find an unsuitable situation, namely the presence of smoke in the pizzeria. you should install a smoke extractor.
In fact, in many cases, whether they are wood-burning or electric ovens, in a pizzeria it can happen that you are in an environment with excess smoke.
Smoking in a pizzeria is a problem that first of all affects the customers of the pizzerias who find themselves returning home with their clothes soaked in smoke; but which also affects the image of the pizzeria itself.
It is well known, in fact, the importance that customer reviews can play for pizzerias. A negative review, caused by the presence of smoke in a pizzeria, can result in a loss of any other new future customers.
The problem is less noticeable by those who have the possibility of having their customers sit outside or in a detached environment with respect to where the oven is located. Not everyone has this chance; but even those who have it, and have the problem of smoking in their pizzeria, should be inclined to solve it to facilitate the pizza chefs and the entire staff who work within the pizzeria.
The smoke from the oven in a pizzeria can be very intense given the need to always have an open flame, suitable for an adequate and fast cooking of the pizza.
The only valid solution to solve the smoke problem in a pizzeria is to install an electric smoke extractor.
The electric smoke extractor, with a forced motor, is the only tool capable of extracting all the smoke generated by the oven of a pizzeria.
Gemi Elettronica gives the possibility of a wide choice between different models of smoke extractor.
Gemi Elettronica's ideal smoke extractor for pizzerias is the professional model, which guarantees a suction power of 3800 cubic meters per hour and resistance to high temperatures of 700 degrees.
The Gemi electric smoke extractor is equipped with a 6-speed regulator, with which you can change the suction power according to your needs.
If you own a pizzeria, with a small expense, you can buy the Gemi Elettronica electric smoke extractor and easily solve all the problems related to smoking in a pizzeria!

The Gemi Elettronica electric smoke extractor is a 100% Made in Italy product, as is the pizza: Italian excellence.
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