Why install a chimney instead of building it?

In most homes, roofs called chimneys are often built on the terminals of the flues.

These chimneys are built with the aim of fulfilling different functions and are able to solve various critical issues.

Among the common problems of the flues, which it is hoped to be able to solve with the construction of a chimney, there are certainly the infiltration of water in case of rain and strong wind or the entry of birds from the roof into the flue itself. or for a purely aesthetic question.

The most commonly used classic chimneys are certainly those in brick or steel. However, despite the construction of these chimneys, which are sometimes very expensive, the real resolution of the above problems is not guaranteed. The classic chimneys, in fact, do not affect the problem of smoke and bad draft of the chimney.

In fact, if a fireplace smokes because there is too much wind outside or because the flue has bends, or for many other reasons, a classic chimney fan does not solve this problem at all.

The solution that must be adopted to solve the problem of chimney smoke is to install an electric smoke extractor on the roof at the exit of the flu, also called an aspirating chimney.

Gemi Elettronica proposes different models of electric smoke extractors; with different characteristics such as suction power, resistance to high temperatures, years of warranty and the material used for their construction.

Gemi Elettronica aims to respond positively to any need, and is able to provide a double solution: an electric smoke extractor inside a chimney.

The chimney fan proposed by Gemi Elettronica is different from the classic masonry or steel chimney fans because it is a refractory clay chimney.
This material is ideal for flues as it is resistant not only to atmospheric agents but also to heat.

A double advantage is therefore obtained from this solution: the aesthetic one, thanks to the use of a modern chimney fan, and the functional one with the resolution of the smoke problem thanks to the electric smoke extractor.

The electric smoke extractor also has a bird protection grid in electro-welded steel and thanks to its structure it prevents the entry of water infiltrations.

The Gemi Elettronica clay chimney fan does not require any glue for assembly and is above all characterized by an opening system from above that allows you to easily remove and disassemble the structure with the possibility, therefore, of being able to intervene for any maintenance intervention.

Gemi Elettronica is therefore able to respond to any need, both aesthetic and concretely resolving, relating to the problems that a fireplace can have.